Double Icon when pinned


On Windows 10 when you have pinned Atom to the task bar it opens new Atom icon and from then on every new Atom window is normally stacked in that icon. So there is one pinned Atom icon lying there just to start the Atom.

Pinning to Taskbar Duplicates Icon on Windows
Taskbar error Windows

The first icon links to a script that will launch the actual Atom executable, and both have the same icon in your task bar. You can fix this by right clicking the second icon and choose “Pin to taskbar”. Then you can remove the first icon, and all windows should stack nicely on 1 icon :slight_smile: This was half a year ago, though - I’ve been using Linux since - so things may have changed.


The problem with this approach is that this is going to point to a specific version of Atom, so if you pin, say, v0.204, when you update to v0.205 it’s still going to open v0.204


Ah right, forgot about that…


I think this is not going to be a solvable issue, unless Atom switches to a different update shipping method, which is unlikely. I, for one, can easily live with having to icons in the taskbar.


@olmokramer that’s the first thing i tried… not working.

@frabert well looks like I would have to live with two Atom icons also. :slight_smile:

Thank you guys.


I think there is no need to have two icons. You could just update the icon after updating. Also, I believe the update process is smart enough to update the icon, as well.

(Hm. I don’t actually know how to update the icon after updating. But you can remove the old icon, start Atom from Explorer once, then pin the new icon.)


@kgrossjo Nah, not working, tried that too. Pinned v0.204 executable, still same issue.


Sorry @vladimirkrstic, I thought it could work. I don’t have two icons at work (where I use Windows 7). But right now I can’t check as I’m on OSX.


Interestingly, on Win7, it remains one icon, stacking over the one I have pinned.

I don’t have a Win10 copy so I can only assume the taskbar behavior might have changed between the versions.

Edit: Same on Win8, i.e. no second icon when launched.


No double icons for me either on Windows 7 & 8.1. With every update Atom updates the icons in the taskbar for me too. Maybe Windows 10 issue only…


Also having this issue on Windows 10. I’ve tried a handful of tricks, none of which have worked. I’m super minimal with my taskbar, so it’s driving me crazy.

Regarding the issue of the icon not updating with the version, is there any way to have a shortcut/proxy-style link to the latest version of the software? There isn’t a single point of entry, which is what I think needs to happen. A simple redirect by checking the current version and comparing it to the names of previous versions would work.


The bin\atom.cmd file is the central executable that always points at the latest version.
However, I’m not sure there is such a dynamic thing for links, pinned or not, unless the installer changes them each time as well, which currently I don’t think it does?

Edit: Actually it does: This is what in Win8 my pinned link looks like:


Btw, Slack is using Electron as well, and they chose to do this differently:


Looks like it’s fixed with .206/.207 no more double icon for me. Can anyone confirm?

Set Atom as the Default Text Editor

Can you give instructions on how to get that? Not sure where this screen is. @batjko said something about bin\atom.cmd - where is bin? Just my main User > [account] folder?


These are the link properties, which you can reach with a couple of right-clicks:

And Atom’s binaries are here:

Note that Atom.cmd in the bin folder is what will always point at the latest version’s sub folder you can see one level up.


Thank you for your quick work - I really appreciate it.

I want to leave an update in this thread that I solved the problem of duplicate icons because I uninstalled the Chocolaty version of Atom, and wiping all associated files, and installed the standalone. The Chocolaty version was back at something like 174 or something - far behind the current version.

Remove Atom from Chocolaty

It is not supported anymore. Someone should remove atom from it.

Remove Atom from Chocolaty

Ah Chocolatey again!
Should have known.