Double-clicking word searches project


I’m not sure what functionality this is, but when I double click any word in any file, it triggers some sort of global project file search. I get the spinning github logo and then eventually a list of matching files.

I prefer double-clicking to select words so the search functionality is not desired. Is there any easy way to turn this off? I’m not sure if this is a built in feature or something that I inadvertently added with a plugin.

Thanks for any help!


This must be something you installed with a package because I can’t reproduce it. You can always disable all third-party packages by running Atom in Safe Mode by completely exiting all instances of Atom and starting Atom with the command atom --safe.


I launched Atom in safe mode and the problem is indeed gone. I guess I’ll try disabling plugins one at at time until I can find the culprit. Thanks for the help!