Double-clicking JSON file on Mac 1.26.0 doesn't work


Because TextWrangler is now EOL, I have started to use Atom. I have version 1.26.0 x64 for Mac. When I open the application and select File --> Open, I can open a JSON file I have on my desktop. However, when I double-click this same file, the Atom menu appears next to the Apple menu, but the only option in it is to Quit, and no windows open.


Is it just JSON files, or any file?


It is strange. I had a Python (.py) file already on my desktop and when I try to open that one, it has the problem. But if, in the terminal, I do $ touch and then double-click it opens a blank Atom window. Same with existing vs. new XML (.xml) files.


When you do this, are there Atom windows already open, or was the application closed?


The application was quit when I typed $ touch


And it was also quit when I double-clicked the icons. I quit in between each step.


When you said:

It sounds like you’re seeing the same thing as the screenshot in

If so and since you’re on 1.26, I think you might be running into this issue if you want to subscribe:


Thank you, the referenced issue does sound like what I am experiencing. I will follow it.