Don't work xdebug(php-debug)


hi everybody.i’m MASA.
i tried to PHP debug with ATOM & xdebug(php-debug).
but it don’t goes well.

i did follow things.

1.install xdebug.

2.add this to my php.ini


after add this,i could checked xdebug on phpinfo().

3.php-debug install on ATOM

4.i’d like to debug on my local.not remote.

so i didn’t set PathMaps.

5.set breakpoint on ATOM and kick program on browser(google chrome). occurred to me how weird thing.

row set breakpoint didn’t be highlighted.
but stack was working.
button(continue,step over,and so on…) became active.
once i click “step over”,stack was working.

this image show it stop on row 109.but not highlighted.
if i click “step in”.stack was working,but not change screen.not chase program.

i tried other browser(firefox,IE).
but problem never went away…

any help would be appreciated!
best regard,