Don't show folder


I install Atom from Flathub on Ubuntu 18.04 and I have problem with open some folder.

In next image see location /var/ in Ubuntu Files

But if I try open location /var/ in Atom, I don’t see all folders. I see only cache, config, data, db, run, tmp folders and yes, in /var/ I don’t have config, data, db folders.

Where is a problem?

Thank you


It’s possibly a permissions issue, it I haven’t tried


What do you see when you run the command ls -la /var?


@DamnedScholar: In attached picture is: on background is open dialog from Atom (/var/) and on top is ls


Are you sure that’s the same place? Your console shows no /var/config/, /var/data/, or /var/db/ folders. If it was a permissions issue (/var/backups/ and /var/cache/ have the same code, so it’s not that), then Atom still wouldn’t invent folders.

Taking a picture of your computer screen is a bad way to share what you see and can obscure some information. Please use a screenshot utility in the future.