Don't Fade Code Folding Marks?


Is there a configuration to not fade out the code folding marks that appear in the gutter? When the mouse enters and leaves the gutter, those marks are displayed and then hidden. I’d like them to stay visible always. Possible?


If you launch Atom in development mode (atom --dev), you should be able to right click on the code folding marks and select Inspect Element to bring it up in the Developer Tools to see what CSS classes are assigned to them. From there you can restyle them and should be able to keep them from fading … assuming that it is a CSS thing.

I’m not someplace I can check my theory, but I hope this helps.


Add to ~/.atom/styles.less:

.editor .gutter .foldable .icon-right {
    visibility: visible;


@postcasio Thanks! That works great.


Seems like this trick is no longer functional :frowning:
Using atom 1.0.19 adding

.editor .gutter .foldable .icon-right {
    visibility: visible !important;

to ~/.atom/style.less yields no changes. The other examples which are already in the file do work though.

What am I missing?


.editor isn’t used anymore. You might try atom-text-editor in its place.


atom-text-editor .gutter .foldable .icon-right {
visibility: visible !important;

Doesn’t work for me, either. The folding marks only show when hovered over.


This works on 1.0.19.

atom-text-editor::shadow .gutter .line-number.foldable .icon-right {
  visibility: visible;


@john Thanks! That works for me.


Thank you. Worked flawlessly on 1.19.2 x64.