(DONE) Using Atom Console (built-in development tools)



The console built-in to Atom is a gem. I was very surprised to see what type of functionality it has (console.table; auto complete on internal Coffeescript commands).

I would like to use Console for testing and developing small functionality enhancements for Atom. At this moment I am only able to execute one line of Coffeescript code at a time. I would like to experiment with bigger chunks like if-else conditions.

Is there a way of executing a text file (*.coffee) in the Console?

Thanks for your attention.

  • Dan Padric


You can paste multiple lines into the console to run them all.


Hello DS.

Thank you for taking the time to answer me. I have tried what you suggest, but it does not work. Please see the image.

The disadvantage of running the script in a terminal, is that I cannot test code ideas meant for Atom. For example - manipulating text inside the Atom Editor.

Any thoughts?
Hope to continue this conversation.

  • Dan Padric


Take note of where it stops working: line 3. You can paste this in and it works fine:

a = 10
b = 30
if (a > b)
  console.log("Make selection again.")

The reason why is that the console doesn’t accept CoffeeScript. You can write things in CoffeeScript, translate them to JavaScript, and then test them in the console.


Javascript! Oooooops I should of guessed that!?

Hi DS. Good to hear from you. Thank you for continuing this conversation.

Reading your answer - it makes perfect sense that it would be Javascript. I do feel the fool for assuming the Atom Console can run Cofeescripts. Your answer is most helpful and will push me in another direction. This topic is closed, though my need is not met (yet).

Perhaps I should formulate another topic?..
I was hoping to get a way to write small functions in Coffeescript containing Atom commands to test inside Atom. I hope to avoid creating a [dummy] package to do it. Let me stop there and think first how I’ll formulate my next topic properly.


  • Dan Padric


The init.coffee file (File -> Init Script...) can be used for most things.


okay… let’s go with that.
I have an idea on how to place code and link to a shortcut event.

What/where can I study on creating a link to a separate file / function. My aim is to create loose scripts that can be incorporated as imports into others’ Packages. So when augmenting their work happens mostly outside their brilliant efforts.



You’re going to be looking for information about Node modules. Here’s the official documentation and here’s the best tutorial I’ve seen.


I will bump my head against all of that when I get the chance. Thanks!