Does't open after a while (Solved)



I just install the 1.21.1 relase, no errors no bugs all good, then add php-integrator-base package still all good i have installed and update all the dependencies for it, work for a while and then atom just stop working.

Try to open from the icon, get this:

Try from the terminal as sudo… nothing happen
Try with the safe flag… nothing happen
Check if there is any proccess in the background, and there is nothing there

update node and npm doesnt solve anything, try to unistall->purge->restart and install again and after a while same thing

Please help <3


Hi @the-codelight :wave:

Try running mv ~/.atom/compile-cache ~/.atom/compile-cache-bak. The folder should be recreated when you launch Atom. If everything works you can safely delete the backup folder :slightly_smiling_face:


You’re the MVP man