Doesn't work on NFS (Network FileSystems)?


When I launch Atom from a local filesystem, it seems to work just fine.
However, when I store it on a NFS, and launch it from there, here is the result at launch:

Clicking on the “1 error, 2 warnings” bottom right area shows the following stack trace:

And upon going to the Atom menu and selecting “Reload”:

I am not sure to understand how NFS is supposed to work. But my supposition is that Atom seems to consider NFS files as nothing but symlinks, and refuses to load/execute most of its code.

Is there a workaround for this?
(I do not control my school’s filesystem.)


Thanks for the feedback. We have not tried to use Atom on an NFS network, so there will probably be some bugs at this point. I’ve added it our features list.

P.S. I edited your post to display the images, I hope that’s ok.


You got farther than me :slight_smile: When I try to run it, the dock icon bounces for a good long while, then gives up. After it’s no longer bouncing, if I right-click it says Application Not Responding, and it doesn’t seem to ever wake up. Nothing ever shows on screen besides the dock icon.


Guys, this issue (#2313) has just been fixed through a commit by @kevinsawicki.
So… if you rebuild from now on, or in the next release, try it out again.