Doesn't reflect package updates / config changes


Im having the strangest issue where any change I make packages configuration is not reflected on the application.

For example, I had Linter package disabled because it was causing issues. After todays update I enabled it but it still doesn’t work. Also tried reinstalling and even installing new packages and the behaviour is exactly the same - no errors but the newly installed packages show no signs of existence.

I’ve also noticed that Linter does show in console as being active:

activate linter-jshint

Despite saying that, it doesn’t show any of the expected behaviour.

While looking into this, i’ve noticed I had a “config (conflict …) .cson” in my .atom folder, along with the regular config.cson. The conflict version is what dropbox usually writes when having problems syncing files, I am using Dropbox to sync my Atom preferences, packages, etc.

Can this config.cson have something to do with my problem?

Also tried removing the .compile-cache, .node-gyp and storage folders but that also didn’t made any difference.

Not sure what else to try here.

Thanks for any help.


It’s possible that in the conflict resolution that your config.cson became malformatted. This can cause all kinds of issues, though you should see an error message last I checked …


Can’t see anything wrong with the file.
I guess i’ll have to reinstall everything.


Here’s an example. If you add this to the end of your config.cson:


And you close and reopen Atom, you’ll notice that everything is reset to the defaults.

There’s a bug on this here:


Hummm, this does confirm there’s something wrong with the file. Some packages I’ve already disabled are now active after inserting the text string.


Well, the default is that no packages are disabled … so that just confirms that you broke it by adding the line I suggested :grinning: I’d just delete or rename your config.cson and see if that fixes your original issues.