Does trash work on linux? (solved)


I accidentally deleted a file I had been typing on for hours (I stupidly had not enabled live-archive on the project yet.) The atom delete message definitely said it was moving the file to the trash but I don’t see it there.

gvfs-trash is installed. I looked in my trash folder at ~/.local/share/Trash/files. I searched my entire drive.

A lot of files were in trash but I didn’t recognize any files deleted by atom. Is it supposed to work on ubuntu with gvfs-trash?

atom 1.0.9
ubuntu 14.0.4
apm 1.0.4
npm 2.13.3
node 0.10.40
python 2.7.3

Edit: I figured out what was going on. There are apparently trash folders for each mounted volume. When I looked in the specific volume root there was a .Trash-0 folder with my file in it.

Sorry to bother everyone.


What’s the path of the trash folder? I just lost my file too


It works on my ubuntu 12.04. My trash is at ~/.local/share/Trash. Note that there is one on each drive.