Does the IDE-Python Package really format the code?

A relatively new user to atom and this is quickly becoming my favourite editor. I develop mostly in python and after reading some recommendations, I installed the ide-python package.

It seems like the linters (it’s running both flake8 and pylint) are flagging a lot of issues when run on the code in terms of style, lack of extra space etc. However, it was also my impression that the linter, in addition to flagging the issues, also corrects at least most of them when the source code file is saved. But that is not happening somehow. Do I need to add any more package or enable any setting to enable that, or is that covered under the ide-python package (which, to me, seems to bring some other packages under it)? I hope we can achieve it without any additional package since my ram is kinda limited.

Also, any tutorial on how to use that specific package ide-python together with atom most productively?