Does not work in windows 7


Hi everyone, in first place i want to apologize with my english.

I have a problem, i had to reinstall windows 7 service pack 3 in my desktop, before my electron app works good, but after it, the electron.exe doen’t work, this not open. I tried to open it as normal user and as administrator, but i cannot run the electron.exe. Can somebody know what i need to do?



So from your post I gather this is your electron app. So could be a number of things going wrong. Could you:

  • Maybe give more details about what does not work, does it crash, give an error? etc?
  • Post relevant code for your app?


Hi gedeondsouza,
thanks for answer me. I fix the problem re-installing windows service-pack 1. Before i just install windows without the servicepack. I installed other windows version with this package and now everything run again. I think was a library or .dll that the windows original version haven’t and the servicepack yes.

Thanks a lot.