Does Google removing support for Chrome Packaged apps affect Electron?


I was reading an earlier post made here ( Google will end support for Chrome apps on Windows, Mac, and Linux ) and while I saw that the community around Electron probably wants/likes the idea of having a store for Web-Based apps, it does not say whether the move by Google affects Electron as well?

I am not an Electron developer (I am currently not using Electron for any developmental work). However, I have a Chrome app which was developed with a lot of hard work by a small team over 7 months. I would need to port that. Electron qualifies as the closest platform to port to.

Hence, it is important for me to know if this decision by Google is going to affect Electron in any severe way (like major API Changes, closing the framework) or not? I am asking because it looks like Electron uses Chromium heavily underneath.

PS: I realise that certain API calls might change and I will have to adjust for that.


No, Google closing down support for Chrome Apps (other than on Chrome OS) doesn’t affect Electron in any way. So long as the parts of Chromium that Electron uses stay open, we’re going to keep updating and improving Electron. And even if they close down, we could probably find a way to switch engines to some other browser. See the Tofino project by Mozilla for an example of how that might be accomplished.


Maybe a CLI tool is all you need: See koush/electron-chrome.