Does ATOM have a similar CSS color package like Visual Studio Code?


Please see the attached. You’ll notice the small color box located next to the hex code within the style sheet editor here. You can click the box and a color picker immediately comes up with which you can modify the the color.

I’ve not been able to find a similar feature in ATOM.





I do see a color picker when I right click & can do this but I find the preview box a nice touch.


I can’t open your attachment, but the dev tools have what you describe about colour picking and live updates. Atom is basically a website, so it’s all HTML and CSS.

Edit: NVM, I thought you meant a picker for customising Atom.


There’s no package I know of that creates a display in that exact fashion, but pigments will highlight any color code in your document with the corresponding color.


You should edit the topic of this post. The screenshot is from Visual Studio Code, not VMWare.


Thank you…