Does anyone know how to get Atom to work with Unity?

This is my first forum post, so apologies if this is in the wrong place lol.

So i’m trying to get Atom to be the default editor in with Unity (game engine) and I did connect the two, but whenever I try to open up a script using Unity Atom does not come up, infact nothing happens at all (the mouse turns into a loading symbol for a sec, but nothing else happens) I’m thinking it’s a problem with Atom itself and not Unity, and I’m also assuming that it’s some stupid mistake or step I’m missing but for the life of me cannot figure out, lol. I’m a complete noob at Atom and Unity. Any insight is helpful… thanks

Got this working by completely uninstalling Atom, and following these steps ->
But now I’m having a different problem, lol, seen here -> Atom doesn't recongize errors or input default code with Unity