Does anyone know how the slack app is doing desktop notifications?


The slack app pops up some nice stacked desktop notifications that kind of resemble the “snackbar” style. And they work on Windows 7.

I was hoping to use html5 notifications but they don’t seem to work on Windows 7. So I’ve been using baloon notifications but they are not nearly as nice as the ones that the slack app is using. I’m using the electron-notify package which works well enough but doesn’t look super great.

Does anyone have a better desktop notification solution?

Thank You,

How to change the Push Notification sound?

At one point they were a custom implementation. Not sure if that has changed.


That looks a lot like html5 notifications to me:

It worked for me on Windows 10, but not on Windows 7. Unless there’s some magic setting that makes it work.


Could be; I was just going on what a slack developer says about the matter.

Slack’s notifications are actually custom code…


hmmm, I thought that might be the case. Well if anyone from slack reads this those are some darn nice notifications. They should open source them and call them “slack notifications”.


take a look at this