Does a BETA tester community exist?


I am close to finish an electron app that i want to release for win, mac and linux and came up with the question in my mind if there exists something like a “beta” Testers community-space for Electron? Maybe via IRC ?
Just curious :slight_smile:
Greetings from this corner of the planet!


The ones I’m aware of are via Gitter. If you’re looking to drum up beta testers, I’d submit your app as a pull request to the Awesome Electron repo, make an announcement post here, and point out your Gitter channel.


Thanks for the links, will check them.
The problem is that my app will be incredibly big in MB :frowning:
Last night i came up with the idea to create a video where i present it first and if ppl, would like to test it out, i will send them a torrent file.
Thanks a lot for your answer and greetings!