Documentation lacking navigation options


I see no way to navigate between all the pages in the documentation section. Instead of being able to simply go from API>Synopsis to API>Process Object, you have to go navigate back and forward to the main documentation page for every navigation.
Possible suggestions:

  • Use the 2/3 unused area on the sides of the documentation page to provide a navigation to go between different documentation pages.
  • Make the directory tree useful with navigation links. If the top of the page reads “v0.28.0 / API / Synopsis”, v0.28.0 should link to and API to (showing an appropriate section of the documentation).
  • Make a single page version that eliminates the need for navigating back and forth to read through
  • Create links at the top and bottom of the page to go to previous and next sections of documentation


I believe the core team is still looking to improve the documentation. Maybe you could share your opinion on the documentation repo on github


Arg, looks like @abe beat me to it.


That repo is for Atom, not Electron, and the Atom “Flight Manual” provided by that repo does provide an appropriate way to navigate between pages…

Electron documentation seems to be managed within the main electron repo:


Ah sorry, here is the direct link:


Added an issue to the repo as that seems most appropriate…


Oh sorry, I read your post too quickly, I thought you were talking about atom documentation.