Documentation for Javascript APIs?


I have seen that packages can also be created in javascript (instead of just coffeescript). Is there any documentation for the APIs in javascript? All I have been able to find was the coffeescript ones.


Well, CoffeeScript is a language that compiles into JavaScript. Only the syntax changes.


I don’t want to complain here about using CoffeeScript and I don’t want to insult the questioner (I would ask similar questions, too), but this question is a very good example, why choosing CoffeeScript for an open-source project is so questionable for a lot of developers.

This question illustrates the point that CoffeeScript is a (unnecessary ) barrier for a lot of developers.

The Atom maintainers should definitely reconsider using CoffeeScript or should explain their choose in depth. (Again: I don’t want to rant against CS. This is just a good example.)


You’ll be pleased to know you don’t actually have to use CoffeeScript. See this post.


Oh, I know that. And I don’t have a problem with CS. I just wanted to point out, that CS can confuse other developers and produces questions like this one. :smiley: This can be exhausting for a community.


Ah right. Yeah, I actually agree. It might be a little wiser to go with the language which is more common :smile:


I wouldn’t say eschew coffeescript as an implementation language…but it would be nice to maybe have some kind of note near the top of pages like this:

I came here, b/c I’m looking to get my hands dirty writing a package in js, but I didn’t want to go to all the trouble only to find that atom maybe wouldn’t pick up the files (b/c of the extension) or some other unexpected limitation.

So while I figured js should work fine, I just didn’t want to assume that and waste a bunch of time. Now I can go on my happy way :slight_smile: