Documentation for activatePackage


I’m rewriting the specs for my atom package to use atom API more; For now I just unit test the code itself, as I’ve tried as much as possible to have it decoupled from atom logic.

I have a problem understanding what atom.packages.activatePackage does and I don’t seem to find the documentation for it.

In my specs I activate other packages with success (like “snippets” and “language-html”), but when I try to activate mine like this:

waitsForPromise(function () {
  return atom.packages.activatePackage("selector-to-tab");

I get the following error:

Expected promise to be resolved, but it was rejected with: 
Failed to load package 'selector-to-tab' {  }

Where does it try to load the package from ?

I’ve tried to look in other packages’ specs in order to understand if I have to do additional things for this to work, but I didn’t manage to find this info.


Could it be that you wanted to write selector-to-tag, but wrote selector-to-tab instead ?


OMG! I’m such a retard: I’ve checked and rechecked selector for spelling issues, but didn’t saw that I misspelled tag :rage: . Thanks and sorry :frowning:!