Docs for creating an interface theme


I am working on my first UI theme, following the instructions here:

Now, while I am sure at one point in the past forking One Light or One Dark made perfect sense. However, the fact that they are now “adaptable” to the syntax theme in use, they contain a great deal of extra and complex LESS code.

I humbly suggest that someone create a new “starter” light and dark theme with just LESS variables that are self contained: no variability based on syntax theme. As a template for creating a theme


You could fork a community theme that you like and go from there.


Or you could start from atom-dark-ui, that’s what I did.


Got it. My post was more about the help document pointing to such a difficult sample. Perhaps the help should point to atom-dark.


That’s a great suggestion. I’m also worrying a bit that the One themes became too complex for people that just want to start out. I think a simple “starter” theme would be great to have. It wouldn’t be published and also not opinionated in style, more like a wireframe that people can use as a starting point. Also with a lot of comments added, explaining things.


That’s an excellent idea. After making several syntax themes I’m trying a UI theme and tracking down where everything is set is a real bear.


the main issue for me is finding where to color the text. The one theme assumes light or dark with contrasting text. My new theme Daylight has mostly dark text with light tree text.

So, I set text-color to dark and had to hunt down tree text variables. But then I also needed to set some hint text and such to dark. I’m still finding text the wrong color :wink: