Docking non-webview windows into a webview window


This isn’t really an issue per se, I just wanted a place to discuss how something like this might be accomplished. My use case is a tool with multiple docked windows, but one of the windows would be an empty window handle that will be passed to a DirectX application to render into. I’m aware that an option was added at some point to get the native window handle, but is there a way to dock this window into the main window somehow?

At this point, I’m evaluating whether to use c# or electron/js to rewrite an old .net 2.0 tool. This feature is essential for me.


According to this answer on Stack Overflow, you would have to get a handle to the control that you want the window to be docked within:

Unfortunately, I have no idea how to do that … or even if the Chromium rendering engine uses controls to draw most of the things it does.