Dock w/ panel is opened on its own on closing dev-tools


I’ve come upon a peculiar problem and I’m wondering if it is something odd on my end or a bug. I couldn’t find anything about it so here goes:

When I open the developer tools with their command (ctrl-shift-i) and then close them again by clicking their close button(*), a dock containing a panel like Project Find Results or Diagnostics (from package atom-ide-ui) is opened on its own.

* Or a custom keybinding as ctrl-shift-i does not seem to work while the focus is on the developer tools.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Clean Atom profile
  2. Add a project folder
  3. Start a Find in Project (ctrl-shift-f) with a query able to be found in the project files
  4. Close the Find in Project form
  5. Hide dock containing Project Find Result panel
  6. Open dev-tools (ctrl-shift-i)
  7. Close dev-tools with their own close button

Expected behavior:

The dock with panel shouldn’t open on closing the dev-tools.

Observed behavior:

The dock with panel opens on closing the dev-tools.

Further observations:
Tried it out by moving the Project Find Results panel around into each left, right and bottom dock and the problem occurred on each accordingly.

I tried having two panels (Project Find Results and Diagnostics) open in two different docks but only one dock opens (Curiousity: Project Find Results panel seems to have priority as only its dock was always opened, regardless which dock either panel were in).

The problem also occurs when changing the dock side of the dev-tools, including undocking.

It does not happen when I set the focus onto the text-editor and then close the dev-tools with ctrl-shift-i.

It does not happen when the Find in Project panel has no results(???).

It does not happen when the search form is still open.

It does not happen with the panel Markdown Preview (in any dock).

Atom version: 1.22.0 x64 (also 1.21.2 x64)

OS and version: Linux Mint 17.3 (based on Ubuntu 14.04)

Installed packages:
Community Packages (0) /home/stefan/.atom/packages
└── (empty)