Docblockr auto-indent


hi! I want to kown if it’s possible to see in auto-indent the @param @return in docblockr?

  • My test function
  • @param int $a test1
  • @param int $b test2
    function testFunction($a,$b)
    and when i call this function, can i see @param type or name in auto-indent?


I would like something like this, in auto-indent, we can see the argument type and name


Do you mean seeing the documentation comments information in the autocomplete view? Because this in your screenshot is from the autocomplete-plus package:


thank you for answering,

I would like to see parameters name and type in auto-indent like this. I have yet installed autocomplete-plus but there is no parameters name and type in autocomplete. Is there package for this?


That feature isn’t called “auto-indent”. It is the autocomplete-plus package that is providing that popup information. It also doesn’t have anything to do with the docblockr package.

As far as getting that information, it is highly dependent on what language you’re using and if there is an autocomplete-plus provider for that language. You can search the package repository for autocomplete-plus providers here: