Do you hit ctrl+up/down by chance?


Hi, do you also hit ctrl-up or ctrl-down by chance? I do, and before using Atom it did nothing, but now I get about one unwanted line swap per hour. I think I’ll override this keybinding.



Which commands were you thinking of binding to those short-cuts?

Activate FILE >> KEYMAP. It will open keymap.cson. There are instructions in the comment section which you can have a look at.

Recommended is:

As an example I added to keymap.cson:

  'ctrl-up': 'core:move-to-top'
  'ctrl-down': 'core:move-to-bottom'

The scope of where the keys will work this way, the keys to be used and the functions.


  • Dan

Late note: Using 'unset!' as a function, is as good as saying “none”.