Do I have to learn GIT an GITHUB to use Atom


Greetings all,
I am in the midst of trying to teach myself how to use ATOM. Thus far the only text editor I have used is Dreamweaver, to create my websites.

In trying to learn ATOM, I noticed that it refers to Git and GitHub. I want to know if I HAVE to or SHOULD learn and understand Git before learning how to code with Atom.

Thank you


Short answer - No.


thank you.


The long answer: many of us do use git, some packages are git-specific, and if you want to get involved in developing Atom packages that aren’t solely for your own use, you have to interact with git and GitHub. If you do learn them, your experience will be enhanced. If you don’t, it will be a perfectly serviceable editor, but some of the higher features will be foreign to you.


You don’t have to learn Git or Github and the Editor is easy to use… If you know Dreamweaver it should be easy to use Atom


It’s worth pointing out that Atom and Dreamweaver are not the same and don’t intend to be the same. Atom’s a language agnostic editor, just as something like Notepad or TextEdit would be, and isn’t strictly a web development program like Dreamweaver. There shouldn’t be anything you need to learn to get started, you write your code as if you’re in any other text editor.

A lot of the support and plugins for it are webby, but people use Atom for all sorts of things, including tasks such as writing books, so I feel it should be stressed that as a product Atom’s simply an extensible text editor.


Hi @ Damned Scholar,
Thank you for your feedback. I am not opposed to learning new programs, as It will help me in the long run. Just was not sure how they all interacted or IF they did and I needed to do, to get in learn and get in with my peers.

Thanks again!


Okay! Great! Thank you for taking the time to explain and respond to my question!