Distributing Atom packages with static assets/resources


I’ve recently developed my first Atom package and released it on APM. My package has a binary executable file that is checked into the repo and needs to be distributed with the package. However, the binary executable file seems to have been “stripped” from the package when I install using apm.

To further clarify…the file i’m referring to is called post_compile and I have it checked in under the lib/ folder (alongside the coffeescript files)…however if I navigate to my package after it’s been installed the file is not present (~/.atom/packages/atom-bean-builder/lib).

I’m not quite sure how to package arbitrary binary assets with my application. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!


In APM and NPM this isn’t allowed. The binaries have to be compiled on the target machine for obvious reasons. Both us node-gyp. Check it out.


That makes a lot of sense :slight_smile: Thanks Mark.