Displaying code changes from last commit in IDE



I have started to use Atom IDE for GoLang development and I like it very much. I like it that much that I am even thinking about forgetting about NetBeans I am using for all other languages (NetBeans is lacking support for Go and I used it for Java, PHP, Ruby, etc.).

Unfortunately there is still one very important feature missing to me (or at least I haven’t discovered it nor did I found any package that would add this functionality). This is rather bigger topic about code versioning.

In NetBeans I have these features (when speaking of code versioning):

  • show/hide annotations - displays/hides an annotation who and when committed each line of the file - for each line
  • display version history - displays a list of previous commits and after selecting one opens a diff between selected and previous to selected version
  • display current code changes - for each change made in code I can display the previous version *

* Especially for the last one take a look at the image below:

Here you can see yellow marks for changed code, red marks for removed code and of course green marks for newly added code. This is the same as what I was used to in NetBeans. But in NetBeans after I clicked any of these marks (green, yellow or red) I could see the previous code (i.e. empty/no line for newly added code and previous code before change or removal) and even revert to this previous version or select and copy it.

Since I already see the marks in Atom IDE it would be very very useful to have this NetBeans functionality as well.

Do you know about some package that enables such functionality or about settings I have to make to my IDE to have it or is this a proper place to request it?

  • I have never tried it but it looks like git-blame might do it.
  • git-time-machine to see the diff between your working copy and any previous commit side-by-side. Not perfectly what you wanted but close. Maybe you could request functionality there.
  • git-diff-details or git-diff-popup to see current code changes.


Thank you very much!

git-blame did the trick with annotations and git-diff-popup is doing basically the same as I wanted in my last point! Thank you very much for your help!!!


@shadyyx What are your Atom settings/stylesheet/packages? It looks awesome !!!What font do you use ??