Display of numbers and text has strange spacing


As per the image attached, the spacing in the right panel (or any file that has been opened for editing) has some interesting issues - numbers have weird spacing and the color picker is just on top of one of the numbers.
Also the padding and the color of the code lines is definitely off

– how can I change / fix these 2 issues so that I can use the editor ?

This happens at any given text-size.

Using fresh install of Atom on a Mac and a image package for the sidebar

Thanks in advance


What font family have you selected for the editor font?


I tried both the standard roboto mono and ubuntu but both show the same issues


Take a look at the text in your editor window. It looks like Times New Roman. Defaulting to the generic serif indicates that you haven’t given it a font that it can display. Try Monaco (since you’re on a Mac).


I’ve pretty much uncustomised the theme and fonts and use the default ones. Now spacing is ok :slight_smile: I guess there are still some quirks left to be taken out :wink:


If Atom is not recognizing fonts you have installed in your system, that’s an issue and you should file a bug report with sufficient detail that someone on another machine can replicate it.