Display Game Engine image in Atom-based editor

I’m working on a toy game engine as a hobby. It uses the Vulkan graphics API (vulkan.org).

I’m in the process of planning work for the game editor, and it occurred that I could do it using Atom. So, the engine is C++, and the Editor (Atom) would use web tech. There is also a need for the engine and editor to communicate, in realtime.

For most uses, I could communicate between the Engine and Editor using WebSockets API. However, I also need to display the images generated by the engine and show it on one or more windows within the Atom-based editor.

Is it possible to pass images from the engine to the Atom-based editor, as the engine is running, in order to display them in the main editor workspace, in realtime or at some resonable fps.

How would you do it if you were trying to display the images on a web site in real time? Atom is a browser that runs one web app that makes it a text editor. If you can provide something that looks like an HTML page, Atom can display it with only a little work on your part. Since it’s on your machine, you obviously don’t have to worry about network latency or bandwidth caps, so if you want to encode 1080p streaming video, you can do that (although I think Atom only supports HTML5 video and it would be exceedingly difficult to do more, so your stream has to be MP4, WebM, or Ogg).