Display Functions in a file


Hey I have been a big user of Sublime and I really love being able to search all of the functions that are in a file that I am currently editing. Is there a way to do this in Atom?

On Sublime it was cmd+r.


On Atom it’s the same shortcut :wink:


Hey thanks for replying, on Atom “To jump to a symbol such as a method definition, press cmd-r. This opens a list of all symbols in the current file, which you can fuzzy filter similarly to cmd-t.” I am wanting to know if there is a way to just display method definitions :).


Not currently, but you could always file an issue on the symbols-view package and request it.

Additionally, I’m not familiar enough with the operation of ctags to know if it makes a distinction between kinds of symbols. (ctags is what the symbols-view in Atom is based upon.)


Thanks for replying @leedohm, I will file it on the symbols-view package.


Unfortunately, this does not work for nested functions, which are common for example in JavaScript. Would be neat if this was added!


Can you give a minimum repro of what you mean?


I just noticed that it eems to work fine, guess atom was using a cached version of cmd+r :slight_smile: