Display DOM on remote renderer

I’m trying to run an electron application on a server and serve the renderer’s HTML on a remote machine via a web browser.

Since the renderer is just a chrome web browser, I figured you could render the HTML5 on a remote chrome browser.

Does anyone know of any projects where this has been done before that I can use as a reference?

You’d want to create a server using Node and have your remote machine access the IP address of the machine running it, just like you would for any other web page.

There are a lot of technical details in this question that you haven’t elaborated on. What is your end goal?

My end goal is to run an electron application on a server and display its DOM on a remote client. The advantage of running the electron application on the server is all the usual server side benefits: it can be on a private network which can access resources that are not publicly accessible, the application can be on a high speed network for large volume data transfer (as opposed to the bandwidth of the client’s network connection), etc.

The application would be accessed by navigating to https://electron-app.mydomain.com where electron’s main window would be outputted in my browser.

Electron is a browser, and it’s designed to build desktop applications. If you want to build a server-side application that you access through a browser, then you don’t want to use Electron. You want to use Node.

I want to make all existing electron apps available through a web browser so they can be run on a server and accessed remotely. The solution would be generic to all electron apps so they can be re-packaged in this format. My goal is not to develop a new application, but rather port existing applications.

Looks like this has been achieved here: https://github.com/bengreenier/browserd