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Join us on Slack
Join us on Slack

I just joined but I can’t read old messages. When I scroll back it keeps auto-scrolling to the newer stuff. Anyone else having this problem?


If the slack instance is a free plan, there is a limit to 10000 messages that you can search. This may be why you can’t see old messages.


It is using the free plan, at least at the time of this writing.


Otherwise someone would have to pay for each and every user on a monthly basis.
Slack should really offer a large-team option of some kind that retains a full message archive like the other plans, something that isn’t billed by user account…


What about a gitter chat room? :smile:


Gitter sounds like a great idea (thumbsup)


Why Gitter? It serves the same purpose as Slack, only with a slightly easier sign-up process, worse performance, and no support for sub-channels.




I’m not sure how Gitter has an easier sign-up process.
Especially if you join via someone’s invite. It’s pretty straight-forward with Slack.


Yeah, the sign-up process can be a hassle with gitter (e.g. you must have a github account). However the real advantage I see is that the gitter conversation is public, so you don’t really need to go through the sign-up process unless you want to contribute to the discussion. And even if you wish to contribute, you just have to be on github (no need to ask for invites).

I, for one, use both slack and gitter everyday (mostly slack). However, I feel that slack is better suited for private uses (like a company) while gitter is more community oriented.


I think most Atom users will probably already have a github account…


I like the idea of Gitter, too. Slack makes its money on history-search limits so it appears Gitter’s the better call, for this community.


This post was shared in Slack today - it actually seems to me like a fairly compelling reason to switch from Slack to Gitter at some point.


Yea I happen to be in that group as well and they are moving all back now.

I’m not sure we’re hitting any of those limits here (>5000 users?). If we don’t, there is no reason to switch to Gitter again.
I think, in terms of user experience, Slack is miles ahead of Gitter. So only if the community is hitting the user or message archive limit, creating pains for people, would the move away from Slack make sense.


The other limit for free accounts is how long things are kept. When this was announced I went to scan it and couldn’t go back to the beginning.


Even after nearly two months, we only have 564 team members in the Atom Slack. We passed the 10,000 message limit a while back, but even in the #atom channel I can scroll back four days and the oldest file is in there from April 15th. I feel like we have Discuss for things that need a permanent record and it’s fine for Slack to be immediate but transient.


I mean how important is the Slack history to anyone?
The Atom community uses it pretty much as a close to real-time chat app. Not as a forum or project communication tool or anything.
So if our messages stay around for a few days, say just over a weekend, I think we’ll be fine.

The freecodecamp group uses slack for tutoring and helping each other, so helpful code snippets and answers to questions disappearing is a bigger deal there.


i’d love to see a switch to gitter.

All the plugins have gitter repositories and its so easy to cross-link and switch to repository-related channels and see activity in the gitter chat sidebar. I already have a github account anyway and so i dont need an extra account on slack.

Gitter can be used through IRC and i’m already in so many channels, that i would just have another gitter channel in my channel list and so i dont need to switch to a different tab.


I attempted to get an invite and haven’t actually received it. Not sure if the max user cap was hit or what. Just wanted to note this here in case any one else runs into it, or you all decide to switch to gitter.