Discussion: Join us on Slack


The Atom Slack team hasn’t hit a user cap. I don’t have any visibility into the invites though, so I can’t comment on that.


The transition away from a github product to discuss a github product makes no sense to me. Why use Slack at all, where there already was a gitter? What are the advantages?

Seems incongruous, and now I have to get another chat client.


Gitter isn’t a GitHub product though?


A lot of the current users only know Slack as the chat tool for Atom. It’s been there for a few months now and seems to work pretty well.

That some people are used to other tools and might have to switch or add this one to their toolbox is kind of a given, no? It’s no different than deciding to use Gulp over Grunt for example… You’ll just have to decide whether or not you want to join the community (by using the technology they use), or not.


fyi, as of ~ 1/2 hr ago, atomio.slack.com’s gone sideways …

attempts to login now force-send a pwd reset email, which contains a link that, @ navto, returns

“You’ve found a Glitch!
You’ve found yourself in a weird place.
Probably not the place you were looking for. ¯_(ツ)_/¯”

with no way out, or option to report.


I tried multiple times to get and invite with even different emails, no invite in 3 days, who can harras for an invite? :grin:


So basically, a nicer version of IRC?


Pretty much, yes. Better features, better UI. And Emoji! :laughing:


I’m trying to get an invite , is there a #electron channel? I’d appreciate if someone send me an invite. Thanks :smiley:


You can use the link in the very first post to get an invite, @saiberz. Yes, there is an #electron channel.


Thanks @leedohm , i was trying to log in atom.slack.com :smile: my bad


Yeah, + 1 :smiley:


Small suggestion: There should be a link to https://atomio.slack.com/ somewhere.

Link in the first post is great to get an invite, but, after that, is not that helpful. I know I had to hunt a bit.


Whats wrong with IRC?


It is possible to connect to the Atom Slack with an IRC client. But, you will have to ask one of the Atom Slack admins to enable it first.

See the Slack support article on Gateways for more information.


Is http://atom-slack.herokuapp.com/ broken? I cannot get an invite


Not that I know of. The user count keeps growing in the Atom Slack.


@leedohm I have tried with two browsers and I’m getting a page with the title: Application Error

Who should I inform of the error? Is there an alternative way to join?


I’ll let the right people know.

Not that I know of.


I know it has been reported, but I would like to note that I’m experiencing that error as well.