Discussion: Join us on Slack

The official Electron Slack is the same as Atom’s. Just go to the #electron channel when you get there :grinning:

Each Slack team has it’s own login, so you’ll need to create an account for each new Slack team you join. (Yes, even if you use the same username and credentials and everything.)

Oh.Thanks. It works.

Try opening an incognito/private browser before going, and go directly to atomio.slack.com. I tried from incognito and I don’t see that page from there.

Also, whether or not that works, you should definitely submit an issue somewhere, maybe at the atom.io repo on github. I’m guessing those are atom’s instant sign in options and they either don’t realize what’s happening or they don’t have enough control over the slack API to change it. (Here’s to hoping it’s the former)

@hex13 … follow the instructions here to get an invite:

Like specifically the part that says click here: http://atom-slack.herokuapp.com/

Oh, thanks it works.

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Why not use Discord? Its sort of like slack except its free forever. I believe reactiflux is already using Discord for their chat with around 10k users.

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How do I join? I’ve asked for my invite…

The invite process should email you with instructions on how to log in.

I have not yet. I will keep looking for an email.

OMG. I felt like I been scrolling forever to get to this post. THANK YOU

Since no one has mentioned it, I would like to recommend Riot as an option for the real-time chat. Unlike Slack and Gitter, it is a free and open source platform that is also decentralized, powered by the Matrix protocol. They have a slick web app, desktop apps built using Electron, and Android and iOS mobile apps. You can create a free account on matrix.org if you like, or you can run your own homeserver like I do and participate just as easily. The similarities between the Atom and Riot projects make it a natural fit in my opinion.

I would go with discord, as currently many communities (not only gaming but a lot of coding communities, like TCD with thousands of users) are using it.

http://atom-slack.herokuapp.com/ is dead. I’d like an invite :smiley:

That link is working for me, maybe it was a temporary issue - can you try again?

The link is dead for me, too. I tried it for multiple times over the last two months and always got this message:

Offline for maintenance
This app is undergoing maintenance right now.
Please check back later.

Sorry the link/app was back up but I forgot that we had to take it down again because of spammers. I’ll send you a pm so I can try to manually invite you.

I would like to join Slack as well but the above URL doesn’t work. I don’t want to spam this thread with such a request but couldn’t think of any other way.

@kurbar - the post has been updated, Join us on Slack now says:

If you’d like an invite, please send an email to atom@github.com requesting one.

I sent emails but just got Confirmation.