Discourse question about edits


If someone is notified about a new post and then I edit the post, is the person notified again?

I have avoided editing in many cases because I feared the person I was corresponding with wouldn’t see the edit. So I have multiple replies to myself and then discourse bitches. It also looks bad to new readers.


No, they would only be notified if you edited their post. Which isn’t possible unless you are a moderator.

You really should avoid multiple replies. This maximizes noisy metadata and minimizes actual conveyed information.


That is a real problem. It means that things I say would not be seen by the person(s) the edit is addressed to. I guess I will continue to provide noise when necessary.

This I don’t understand. It just adds noise.


Are you assuming the person is reading your replies immediately after they are posted? When are these edits occurring? Hours later? Days later? Months later? Years later?

If the edits are within ~10 minutes to an hour of posting, I’d say it’s reasonably certain the person you replied to hasn’t even read them yet. So you can safely assume your edits will be read along with the original post.

Also, there is a 5 minute grace period after posting where edits to your post are considered the same as the original post, e.g. no revisions are recorded.

If you need absolute certainty that the person you are replying to has seen your reply, I suggest sending them a private message.


Many responses come almost immediately so there are a few of us nuts that hang around.

This was just meant to be a technical question but I appreciate the feedback.

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The other thing to know is that because of the live updating features of Discourse, if I’m reading when you finalize your edit my view updates with the new post. So I don’t need to be notified, I see it happen :grinning: Also, I’ve seen things be edited after I’ve already looked at them and they show as a gray number instead of a blue number. I don’t get a notification in the speech bubble thing … but there is an indication that something has changed.