Disabling packages mysteriously fixes atom


Hi there,

First of all, thanks for the amazing editor. I have made a switch after many years of emacsing.
I use atom for julia development, and until today there was an almost noticeable lag while typing.

I disabled all of packages except those required for julia ide, and somehow it made atom very snappy.
Question: why it happens, and could something like automated responsiveness testing
be implement in atom. Possibility of one rogue package destroying atom experience
is what makes atom top result for “slow editor”.



Have a look at…



Some packages might check the text buffer each time you type a character. This can really kill the experience.

I had issues when “Git” type functionality came on the scene as part of the core. As I could do without it, I could deactivate it.

It might be helpful if you could tell the chaps which packages you installed. Otherwise activate small groups of them at a time and see what happens.