Disabling Line numbers on 2nd gutter


How do I disable the line numbers on the 2nd gutter if I have my window split into 2 panes side-by-side? The line numbers on the 2nd gutter (the one that divides my two coding panels) are unnecessary and just take up more space that I would rather have for code. Is there a way to disable line numbers on the 2nd gutter?


I can’t test this right now, but I think something along these lines should do the trick:

.pane + .pane atom-text-editor::shadow .gutter {
  display: none;

Put it in ~/.atom/styles.less


I think you’ll see some issues with overlay decoration placement by hiding the gutter, the presenter measure it in order to position the overlay properly, but that’s just a guess here.


So actually the proper solution to hide it is:

atom-pane-resize-handle + atom-pane atom-text-editor::shadow .gutter {
  display: none;


Hmm looks like it removes the entire pane, thanks though!