Disabling git in Atom



How can I disable all git related plugins in Atom? Including the lower right git branch information.

My current settings are:

disabledPackages: [

Using version: 0.203.0

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The lower-right git branch information is part of the status-bar package. There isn’t a way that I know of to disable just that other than disabling the status bar completely. Similarly, there are other pieces of Git-related integration in the tree-view package and probably others.

Essentially, I don’t believe it is currently possible to completely disable all Git-related functionality without code changes to the core packages.


Although there’s not a setting to disable the status bar git info, you can disable the elements with CSS. Put this in your styles.less:

status-bar .git-view {
  display: none;


Atom is completely unusable over SSHFS connection, because the Git integration cannot be turned off. If I rename .git/ to .git-disabled/ then Atom is usable over the same filesystem.


Waaaaah. This is ridiculous.

Having to do some dev work over SSHFS and I have to choose between using atom or using git! Looks like this project is getting done in Sublime :frowning:

There should definitely be an option to temporarily “Don’t Connect to Git”!!

Probably one of those issues that will never get fixed because it’s such a rare thing to need to do.


To clarify: The Git problem is with SSHFS 100%, not Atom, but if Atom had this option it would be excellent.


Option to disable all GIT Integration is really necessary, that problems was reported many times but still no option for that :frowning:


+1 on Git integration making Atom unusable over SSHFS.