Disable win+click multiple edit


Click anywhere in open document while holding “windows” or “meta” key and cursor will appear in this place. Now you can type a text at these 2 places simultaneously. Cool feature? Not for me. I’ve got my desktop shortcuts heavily dependent on this key, and this is annoying. How to disable this feature? Or remap it to another keys? I can’t find anything related to “win/meta” key on Keybindings page, nor “multi edit” or whatever this feature may be called.


You can cancel built-in keybindings.

Nevermind. Check @Ben3eeE’s answer below.


But how is this particular keybinding called?


It is called cmd in non-Mac environments.

  'cmd-.': 'emptyTask' # [win] + [.]

The below code does not work. See next post by @Ben3eeE for details.

  'cmd': 'unset!'


Hi @olegantonyan,

This is not handled by a keybinding. Being able to disable multiple cursors on click is being tracked in https://github.com/atom/atom/issues/7595.

The code where this is handled is here:

Side note: I am not sure if being able to add cursors with both meta and ctrl click on non macOS platforms is intentional or not.


Wow! I can’t believe this bug exists for at least 2 years already without a reliable workaround :frowning:


This works for me
Thank you @Ben3eeE

index 91ea18361..2d2112439 100644
--- a/src/text-editor-component.js
+++ b/src/text-editor-component.js
@@ -1782,7 +1782,7 @@ class TextEditorComponent {
-    const addOrRemoveSelection = metaKey || (ctrlKey && platform !== 'darwin')
+    const addOrRemoveSelection = ctrlKey && platform !== 'darwin'
     switch (detail) {
       case 1: