Disable tabs popup


Hi everyone,

I have been using Atom for the past few weeks and loving it so far. Can definitely see performance improvements since the last time I tried it.

One new thing that I noticed - is the new tab switching behaviour (i.e. when you press Ctrl(Shift)+Tab).
As far as I remember early on Atom did not have a popup that appears when you switch tabs.

I am just wondering - is there any way to disable this popup, while keeping the switching behaviour as it is?


PS the popup I am talking about is this one:


Hi @YemSalat,

It is not possible to disable the view and keep the MRU tab switching order.
Disabling MRU tab switching in the tabs package will also disable this view but it will change the behavior to be in visual order instead of in MRU order.

There is a work-in-progress PR open to add a setting for this: