Disable spell-check for a subset of a language


I am writing my thesis in Latex and I would naturally want spell-check to be turned on. However, I do not want the spell-checker to flag all of my reference labels and each of my 32 custom commands as incorrect spelling.

For example, when I reference a figure like so:

See Figure \ref{fig_bar_chart} for more detailes.

I want the spell-checker to tell me I misspelled “detailes” but I don’t want it to tell me that “fig_bar_chart” is misspelled.

When I log the cursor scope, it tells me that the scope inside the \ref{} command is:


My grammars config currently has text.tex.latex in it, but I want to exclude “meta.reference.latex”.

I tried adding it with a “!” before it but it doesn’t work – is there any way to do this?


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There also seems to be an open Issue around this:

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