Disable sound when closing unsaved buffer


Atom makes a sound to accompany the warning when I close a buffer with unsaved changes. I don’t want Atom to make any sounds, and I’ve already disabled the audio beep. How do I turn this off?


I can’t replicate the problem you’re describing using Atom v1.16.0-dev-89e74a277 on Mac OS X 10.12.3.

Which version of Atom are you using? What platform are you running Atom on?


Thanks for looking into this. Version and platform information would have been helpful from the start–my bad!

I’m running Atom 1.14.4 on Arch Linux.


I can’t replicate the problem on Atom v1.14.4 either. Are you sure that it isn’t something that the OS is doing instead of Atom?


It’s not the OS, per se, but I was able to track the source back to the Gnome Toolkit (GTK). After disabling event sounds globally, I no longer get the sound from Atom.

This isn’t really a perfect solution, however. GTK applications don’t behave consistently in this regard. Most don’t trigger a sound for these types of dialogs. This leads me to believe that there’s something about the way that Atom/Electron calls the GTK API which causes the sound to happen.

Anyway, I’m not bothered by needing to disable GTK sounds entirely to solve this. Thanks!