Disable php autocomplete arrow replacement


I’ve moved away from BBEdit to Atom (hopefully for good), because of the fact that i needed autocompletion, i was making too many errors by making typo’s. Now i’m having the following issue and i’ve searched for hours on discuss.atom.io and on google, but i can’t find someone with the same problem or a solution.

When i have a nested object/function so lets say i have the following code:
$res = new Response();
When i type on the next line “$res->” the autocomplete list starts showing, then when i confirm my selection it autocompletes it but it removes the “>” sign, so lets say i select “headers” from the autocomplete list and press enter it changes the line into “$res-headers” instead of (what it should be;) “$res->headers”.

Does anyone has this issue to or knows how to solve it? Thank you for reading and hopefully i can get this working, because i moved to atom for autocompletion(and some other features are cool to) but this way it’s very annoying i have to go back in each sentence i use autocomplete in and re-add the “>”-sign.

I can’t find how to edit the message but i’ve installed the ide-intelephense plugin to enable php-autocompletion. I don’t know what package is causing this behaviour the autocomplete or the ide-intelephense package or maybe the Editor?

I don’t know which package might be causing your problem but in similar cases of troubleshooting I have installed/used the package package-list to systematically disable/eliminate packages until I find the cause.

Hi, thank you for your reply. After reading your reply i thought it could be a problem of the ide-intelephense package. Then i disabled it and tried to autocomplete (with what was left of the suggestions) and it worked! It didn’t remove the ‘>’ character. So this is probably an issue of ide-intelephense. I’ll see what i can do from here thank you again :slight_smile:

Hi again,
This issue has been solved by installing ide-php instead of ide-intelephense.
Too bad ide-php doesn’t support auto-adding imports if u use a specific class(let’s say Request), ide-intelephense automatically added the import but ide-php doesn’t. Ah well i guess u can’t have it all! Ty again it’s much better now :slight_smile:

Have you tried HaXe to PHP? Worth an experiment.