Disable multiple cursors?


I find myself frequently enabling multiple cursors by mistake. I don’t use this really, so I was wondering if there is a way to disable this feature?


Same here. It is so annoying that I may be forced to go back to Sublime. I can’t count the numbers of times that multiple cursors were enabled without me doing so on purpose and causing multiple errors in my code as I typed which then took time to go back and fix once I realized that multiple cursors were turned on. Why in the heck would you want to have two cursors anyway?


You do realize that Sublime Text also has multiple cursors, don’t you?

The feature is incredibly useful - I can’t do without multiple cursors now that I’ve learned to use them.

You can always disable the key bindings that get you into multiple-cursor mode. One is Cmd-D – I forget what the other is (I think I have it remapped: I use Control-Shift up or down)


Thanks for the response. I did not realize that Sublime also has multiple cursors, probably because not once in using Sublime have I activated them on accident which is an hourly occurrence with Atom. I am sure they are useful, I just wish it was not so easy to mistakenly activate them without knowing it. Thanks for the tips on disabling them, will give it a try.


It makes me very curious as to how there could be a difference. Both just require holding down the ctrl key. There must be a usage pattern that changed when switching editors.