Disable github completely

I connected my github with atom but this caused major lag instantly, so I decided to try to unlink it again and go back to normal. Disabling the github packages through settings got most of the lag to stop, but my files and folders still show up as green from github marking them as updated, and lag with a lower frequency (but still way higher than before i connected github). I have tried uninstalling several times, deleting the .atom folder and running the clear state command, but everytime I boot up and open a project I am greeted with githubs green files and automatic integration. How do I stop this? I don’t want to have to stop using atom.

This kind of behavior often happens if you have a .git folder in your home directory. If you did not intentionally create this folder, you should try renaming it to .git-backup and see if that makes the problem go away.

No .git folder in my home directory, just the .atom… I think I had a .git folder at some point but deleted it to try to solve the problem.

There is no way to 100% completely disable all git features in Atom, it is simply too deeply embedded. You can disable all packages with git in the name though and that will get you pretty close.

So is there no way to get rid of the lag? I don’t care about the features GitHub has (although I would prefer it if my files didn’t all go green), I just want to go back to the state my atom was in before connecting my GitHub.

If you want to disconnect GitHub from your Atom installation, you can run the GitHub: Logout command from the command palette.

It did nothing :confused:

Can you show me a screenshot of your GitHub tab?

Had to enable the packages again to open it, but it’s empty

Atom will show that view whether or not you’re “logged in”. So the command did work, the GitHub-specific features are turned off.

There are git features, however, that are simply baked in.

The issue is that I had my atom in one state before connecting and disconnecting my GitHub, and now it’s in another which is unusable. I guess I’ll just have to uninstall.

Any fix for the lag? Following was the version output:

C:\Users\firoz\Desktop>atom --version
 Atom    : 1.48.0     
Electron: 5.0.13  
Chrome  : 73.0.3683.121 
Node    : 12.0.0  

And there’s no .git folder in the directory where my py file resides. Lag occurs with even tiny py files with hardly 10 lines of simple code.