Disable 'Enter' Keybinding for Autocomplete/Snippets


Hi there,

I’ve been using Atom for the better part of 2 weeks and it’s great, but it has a really annoying feature which is causing me more frustration than is needed.

When using Lua or JavaScript the autocomplete suggests a helpful function or variable to use. Now, if I do not want to use this, but instead want to simply confirm what I have just typed or go to a newline I then press the enter key. But, the autocomplete then fills in the entire function or variable it suggested in place of what I just typed. See the image below:

Using other text editors you can simply restrict autocomplete confirmations to the tab key rather than the enter key, but i’m struggling to find a way to do this as I’m not entirely sure where the autocomplete enter keybinding is. I have tried setting the spell check keybinding to unset as I thought this might have been the culprit:

'.corrections atom-text-editor[mini]': 'enter': 'unset!'

But, this hasn’t stopped it from happening. Is there any way to disable this feature? Or am I just going to have to disable autocomplete/snippets in atom entirely?

Stop enter key from expanding snippets (only use tab key)?

You’re looking for the autocomplete-plus package settings:


Wow… I cannot believe I was too stupid to look inside of the Autocomplete package itself. I feel like a fool. -.-

Thank you so much, this has fixed the issue and helped me greatly!


Don’t worry about it! We all had to learn at one point. Some of us are just further along the curve than others :grinning: