Disable CSS autocompletion on tab-button?


Hi, I’ve a little problem with CSS autocompletion. When I write a css property and press tab, it seems to toggle autocompletion.
For example, I type:


After “position”, I pressed tab and it autocompleted like that:

position: absolute;

Since I like to order my css declarations with indentations using tabs, I would like to disable that. However, even when I disabled the entire autocomplete package, it didn’t change anything.

How do I get rid of that?


In a CSS file, when I type foo followed by space, followed by {, I get this:

foo {@}

I’ve used @ to indicate the current cursor position. Note that I didn’t type the closing brace, it got auto-inserted. Further note that there is no character between the braces, just the cursor.

So now I hit Enter/Return and I get this:

foo {

Again, @ marks the position of the cursor. It doesn’t look like intendation is required at that point. That said, Tab has always indented for me at the beginning of the line.


Sorry, but I don’t think this really answers my question?


The package that handles the auto-expansion you’re seeing is the snippets package. You might want to disable that instead.