Disable core packages by init/config script



I am teaching programming to first year university students. After some discussion at my institute, we have decided to use a text editor without code completion/autocomplete on our in-house computers, to make students get used to writing all the basic code like print statements, etc.

I am a huge fan of the Atom editor, but as you know this editor comes with the autocomplete-plus package by default. I know that it is possible to disable this package manually from the packages tab in settings, but I wish to disable this package for all users on our cluster by default.

Can anyone tell me if there is an easy way to disable core packages like autocomplete-plus by changing the init/config script of Atom?

Thanks in advance.


Yes, this is possible. However…your students will simply be able to wipe out the init script that is disabling autocomplete-plus. You might have more success distributing a custom version of Atom that was built without autocomplete.

# Goes in init.coffee
atom.packages.onDidActivatePackage((pack) ->
  if pack.name is 'autocomplete-plus'
    setImmediate(-> atom.packages.disablePackage('autocomplete-plus')))


So build from scratch?just curious


Yes, that’s what I’m suggesting.